100 Things You Can Do to Prevent Sexual Assault


*Respect a person’s right to say no      *Educate yourself on the issues

*Volunteer at your local rape crisis program  * believe survivors

*Contact your local legislators and political leaders  * Know the statistics

*Trust your gut feeling · speak out against all forms of violence

· respect and embrace diversity · avoid blaming the victim

· believe in equality · be aware of how violence is portrayed in the media

· speak out against the media’s portrayal of violence · advocate for more rape prevention education programs

· admit that it does happen in your community · understand that sexual violence affects us all ·

participate in local take back the night events · listen

· stop others from slipping a date rape drug in someone’s drink · know that sexual violence is about power and control

· teach kids how to stay safe · advocate for victim’s rights

· know the laws · believe that a safer world is possible

· attend events sponsored by local rape crisis centers · be alert and aware

· avoid engaging in, supporting or encouraging sexual harrassment · participate in sexual assault awareness month activities

· teach kids that violence is not the answer · put a sexual violence prevention sticker on your car

· sponsor a fund raiser for your local sexual assault program · know that most sex offenders aren’t strangers

· respect your partner or significant other · avoid making threats ur using coercion and pressure to get sex

· be courageous · wear a sexual assault prevention t-shirt

· visit the njcasa.org website · support RAINN sponsored concerts and events

· avoid making assumptions · be non- judgmental

· speak out against racist, sexist or homophobic jokes · be strong

· start an email campaign · know the resources available in your community

· advocate for more youth violence prevention programs · know that it can happen to anyone

· write a letter to the editor of your newspaper · write an article for your school paper or workplace newsletter

· be safe and aware when on the internet · get others to speak out against sexual violence

· tell your parents what you know about sexual assault · create a sexual assault bulletin board

· stop your sexual advances if the other person says no · encourage others to do the same · avoid buying music that glorifies sexual violence

· urge your local radio stations to stop playing music that contains violent lyrics · applaud others who speak out against sexual violence

· invite a speaker from your local rape crisis center · pledge to never commit or condone acts of sexual violence

· stop yourself from taking advantage of someone who is passed out or incoherent · call for help if you witness an act of violence

· get help · respect the choices victims and survivors make to survive

· stop others from taking advantage of someone who is intoxicated · respect different lifestyles

· know that men can be raped · empathize

· know that sexual violence can be a form of domestic violence · work towards eliminating oppression of all kinds

· think globally and act locally · open your mind ·

open your eyes · open your heart

· engage others in discussions about sexual violence · challenge assumptions

· break the silence · know the rights of victims

· empower · advocate · be open to change

· reach out · educate

· have compassion · know that you have the power to make a difference

· find your voice · learn about sexual harassment

· learn about healthy boundaries · notice when someone invades your boundaries · get help if you are being sexually harassed

· report it if you witness sexual harassment in your school or workplace · support a friend · protect yourself · talk about it

· learn about date rape drugs · get the facts, tell others

· stay alert and aware · know your school’s or workplace’s policies on sexual violence and harassment · reinforce that rape is never the victim’s fault.